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I'm investigating the differences / pros / cons between different string formatting APIs
(printf vs. << vs. String.Format() etc.) and this lead me to wonder:

Is there are any extensive list of string formatting examples, say for printf or any existing string formatting scheme?

Hopefully the example list would cover:

  • Simple number formatting
  • Floating point number / width / precision
  • Repeating inputs (String.Format("{0} then {1} and {0} again", "first", second");)
  • Formatting dates / times
  • etc.

I would imagine it would look something like this:

printf("%d", 2);
printf("%0.3f, 105.2234);
printf("%d - %d = %d", x, y, x-y);

so on and so forth...

This list could be used to compare the different string formatting schemes against a shared test set.

I've tried a basic Google search and didn't find anything very extensive.

If there isn't one, feel free to answer with an interesting example in any language / formatting scheme that you feel would be helpful in analyzing different ways to format strings.


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Maybe not exactly the thing, but PLEAC has a good list of string manipulation problems and solutions.

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