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I know that in Spring you can load all beans of a certain type with:

ClassPathResource res = new ClassPathResource("spring_foo.xml");
XmlBeanFactory factory = new XmlBeanFactory(res);
Map<String, Foo> beans = factory.getBeansOfType(Foo.class);

How can I do this in XML? E.g. something like:

<bean id="fooHandler" class="com.mycompany.FooHandler">
    <property name="foos">
    <map beanType="com.mycompany.Foo" / >

Or better with a list rather than a map?

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Here are links to two questions/answers that should cover the functionality for which you are looking. The first question's answer illustrates how to execute the desired result using @Autowired inside of your class. The second question's answer shows how it can be done using Spring's XML configuration file.

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The autowire attribute of bean mentioned in the second question worked in a simple case (I could even mix it with explicit constructor-args). Unfortunatly, it will use all Foos, no matter in which file they were declared, which isn't useful in my scenario. So I switched back to explicitly creating the list. Since your answer helped in the simple case, I will accept it here. –  Puce Apr 27 '11 at 10:05
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Use Java Config, which lets you use Java to generate your beans. You can mix it in with existing XML configuration files. See my answer to Spring 3.0.x - context:component-scan result into list

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