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Is there way to rewrite:

var tbl = ds.TABLES;
var q = from c in tbl
        select c.TABLE_TYPE;
string s = "";
foreach (var item in q.Distinct())
    s += "[" + item + "]";

So that the Distinct() call is in the LINQ query?

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The Distinct extension method in LINQ does not have a query syntax equivalent.

See http://blogs.msdn.com/b/charlie/archive/2006/11/19/linq-farm-group-and-distinct.aspx for additional information as to why.

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VB has this functionality if you place the distinct after select.

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(from c in tbl select c.TABLE_TYPE).Distinct();
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There is no Distinct() method syntax in the language integrated query syntax. The closest you could do would be to move the current call:

var q = (from c in tbl
         select c.TABLE_TYPE).Distinct();
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an additional info; the query above will create following sql select distinct c.TABLE_TYPE from tbl c when used against sql, so do not worry about performance issues. –  edokan Mar 18 '13 at 15:50

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