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I need to merge a couple of tables, once of which has a single Address field, the 2nd which as 3 address line fields.

The single address field in the 1st table includes line breaks.

How can I split this field into 3?


Turns out some records had CHR(10) || CHR(13), others CHR(13) || CHR(10), and yet others just CHAR(13). Regardless, the accepted solution below works. A useful way to tell is

select dump(field) from table;
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Assuming that your linebreak character is CHR(10), something like the following should work:

SELECT TRIM(REGEXP_REPLACE(addr, '(.*)' || CHR(10) || '.*' || CHR(10) || '.*', '\1')) AS STREET_ADDR,
       TRIM(REGEXP_REPLACE(addr, '.*' || CHR(10) || '(.*)' || CHR(10) || '.*', '\1')) AS CITY,
       TRIM(REGEXP_REPLACE(addr, '.*' || CHR(10) || '.*' || CHR(10) || '(.*)', '\1')) AS STATE
      FROM addr_table; 

If addr_table is populated using the following statement:

INSERT INTO addr_table(addr)
VALUES('12345 MY STREET' || CHR(10) || 'NOWHERESVILLE' || CHR(10) || 'ASTATE');

the above SELECT will return


Share and enjoy

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