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I'm new to C# MVC and I'm trying to add some dynamic validation checks to my view models that are used in a form. For example, I have a string property called FirstName. I can add the attribute StringLength(10) and Required() to it.

My problem is, depending on some other field, the FirstName StringLength could vary from 10 to 20, etc. I still want to use the MVC validations but be able to modify it. I know that attributes are bound to the class so maybe I'm using the wrong thing.

I want the abilities for attribute validation but have it modifiable at run time. Is this possible?

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The values in an attribute have to be literals. You can still use attribute based validation, but you will need to use the CustomValidation tag and point it at a method to use. If it depends on multiple fields in the object, you will want to put this on the class rather than the property.

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Thank you. This led me to figure out how to find a solution to my problem. –  kailoon Apr 21 '11 at 15:25

It seems you can add validation attributes at runtime by implementing DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider: Dynamic Attributes @

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