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I'm trying to learn Jess and FuzzyJ but am having problems getting a simple program to run. I have looked at it for hours and am no quite sure why it doesn't run. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated.

Fuzzy Variables

(defglobal ?*income* = 
    (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyVariable "income" 0.0 230000.00 "dollars"))
(defglobal ?*stability* =
    (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyVariable "stability" 0.0 1.0 "index"))
(defglobal ?*liquidity* =
    (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyVariable "liquidity" 0.0 1.0 "index"))

(defrule initial-terms
    (declare (salience 100))
(import nrc.fuzzy.*)
(load-package nrc.fuzzy.jess.FuzzyFunctions)

Primary Terms

(?*income* addTerm "low" (new ZFuzzySet 30000.00 80000.00))
(?*income* addTerm "medium" (new PIFuzzySet 100000.00 60000.00))
(?*income* addTerm "high" (new SFuzzySet 80000.00 190000.00))

(?*stability* addTerm "low" (new ZFuzzySet .3 .5))
(?*stability* addTerm "medium" (new PIFuzzySet .6 .4))
(?*stability* addTerm "high" (new SFuzzySet .7 .9))

(?*liquidity* addTerm "low" (new ZFuzzySet .3 .5))
(?*liquidity* addTerm "medium" (new PIFuzzySet .6 .4))
(?*liquidity* addTerm "high" (new SFuzzySet .7 . 9))
Fuzzy Rules

(defrule rule-1 "low income => liquidity very low"
    (theIncome ?x &: (fuzzy-match ?x "low"))

    (assert(theLiquidity (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyValue ?*liquidity* "very low")))

(defrule rule-2 "high income & high stability => very high liquidity"
    (theIncome ?x &: (fuzzy-match ?x "high"))
    (theStability ?y (fuzzy-match ?y "high"))
    (assert(theLiquidity (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyValue ?*liquidity* "very high"))


(defrule defuzzification-and-display-liquidity
    (declare (salience -1))
    ?f <- (theLiquidity ?z)
    (printout t (str-cat "Liquidity: " (?z momentDefuzzify)))
    retract( ?f)

Start up Rule/Fuzzify

(defrule assert-income-and-stability "initialization"
    (printout t "Enter the income(ex. 52000): ")
    (bind ?income-value (float (readline t)))

    (printout t "Enter the stability index(ex. 0.64): ")
    (bind ?stability-value (float(readline t)))

        (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyValue ?*income*
        (new nrc.fuzzy.TriangleFuzzySet
        (- ?income-value 3000.0)
        (+ ?income-value 3000.0)))))

        (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyValue ?*stability*
        (new nrc.fuzzy.TriangleFuzzySet
        (- ?stability-value 3000.0)
        (+ ?stability-value 3000.0))))))

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1 Answer 1

There are many small syntax errors in this program; in general the Jess interpreter does a good job of pointing them out. First of all, in each of your comment blocks, you've got the actual text of the comment... not commented. So add a semicolon to the beginning of the lines like "Fuzzy Variables", for instance.

Second, on the line

(?*liquidity* addTerm "high" (new SFuzzySet .7 . 9))

there ought to be no space after that last decimal point.

Third, the rules rule-1 and rule-2 don't have enough close-parentheses at the end. Any decent programmer's editor able to format Lisp code should be able to help you fix that.

Fourth, on the line

(theStability ?y (fuzzy-match ?y "high"))

you're missing the "&:" before the predicate function -- see the previous line.

Finally, I think, the line

retract( ?f)

is malformed -- should be (retract ?f) .

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