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I want to read input from STDIN, and just read what it is: if input is a list, then what is read is a list. However, the read-line function seems always return a string! For example: in clisp interactive envrironment:


I input:

("(define M ::int )" "(define X ::int )")

The it will give me back a string:

"(\"(define M ::int )\" \"(define X ::int )\")" ;

What I want is still the original list: ("(define M ::int )" "(define X ::int )")

So How to make the read-line read in what the input it was?

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(let ((a read))) (eval a))

(+ 2 2 2)

=> 6

there's a reason they call it a READ EVAL PRINT LOOP.

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Try simply with:


That should work

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Thanks for dropping this line :) My project all works out! –  user618815 Apr 19 '11 at 21:29

(read-line) returns a string terminated by a new-line. (read) is the Lisp parser.

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