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Greetings and many thanks to the Stack Overflow community for all of the other awesome posts about the Facebook c# SDK. I have ran into a little challenge here and unfortunately I have not been able to find a previously posted solution.

How are you guys handling processing an nested JSON Object within a JSON response from the Facebook Open Graph API? For example, I am having some trouble getting to the nested venue JSON object that is returned when you retrieve a specific Facebook Event via the Open Graph:

Here is some of the code that I am working with to provide more specific context:

var fbApp = new FacebookApp();
var auth = new CanvasAuthorizer(fbApp);

        //output the FB user's Event
        dynamic result = fbApp.Api("/" + EventID);

        txtEventDesc.Text =;
        txtEventLoc.Text = result.location;
        txtEventInfo.Text = result.description;

        foreach (dynamic vi in
            //txtStreet.Text =  vi.street;



So, how would you handle this embeded venue JSON object? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my question and offer direction.

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dynamic result = fbApp.Api("/" + EventID);    
dynamic street = result.venue.street;
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You're the man Prabir and thanks for the help! ;) – landsteven Apr 19 '11 at 22:58

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