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I'm trying to install the tseries package on my Linux machine. Under R, I ran

> install.packages("tseries")

I was prompted with a list of mirror sites, but no matter which one I chose (for example, 79: USA (WA)), it gave me

Selection: 79
Warning message:
In getDependencies(pkgs, dependencies, available, lib) :
package "tseries" is not available

Does anyone know why that might be? My R version is 2.9.2. Thx.

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CRAN archives are versioned. And as the CRAN package page for tseries clearly shows, it now requires an R version of at 2.10.0 or later. So

  • either you upgrade R which is a good idea anyway as your version is two years old

  • or you stick with your version, but grab an older version of tseries from its archive on CRAN

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