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i get this error could not get next sequence value when I try to save this Entity with Hibernate:

package beans;

import javax.persistence.*;

@Table(schema = "EVGENY")
public class Article {
    @SequenceGenerator(name="ArticleGen", sequenceName="ARTICLESEC")
    @GeneratedValue(generator= "ArticleGen")
    private int id;
    private String title;
    private String text;
    private String postat;
    @JoinColumn(name = "USER_ID")
    private UserAcc user;

    public Article(){

    Get Set...      


insert into article (title) values('asdfaf');

in Oracle SQL Developer this insert into article (title) values('asdfaf'); works well.

if i set id variable explicitly ( Article a = new Article();a.setId(3); ) everything is OK. I double checked the name of the sequence.

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Are you able to select the next sequence value when logged in as the same user that Hibernate is connecting with? select ARTICLESEC.nextval from dual; –  Steve Hall Apr 19 '11 at 20:48
Yes, I think so. I have another entity that works perfectly with it's sequence. I will try to use new sequence, to restart the database and to rewrite the entity. Hope something will work –  Evgeni Apr 20 '11 at 7:09

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I know a lot of reasons to get this exception. Maybe you can check the questions and give me some more details about your problem:

  • check if the 'hibernate.dialect' is set to Oracle?
  • permission on sequence ok (schemata, select etc.)?
  • is there some trigger behind the table and throwing plsql error?
  • some other plsql that could break the insert?
  • is the transaction broken?
  • was there an exception (sometimes silent) somwhere before the call of create (like stale state or out of bounce) so that transaction is marked for rollback?
  • is there a connection is erroneous error before exception?
  • is the entity maybe already attached (check with contains)?
  • do you use spring or another framework where you can add exception resolvers or translators?
  • which version of oracle database do you use? 10 or 11? and are the used drivers correct?
  • is there a findSingle call before that does not return any value?
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