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I have list of lists:

((1500) (2500) (3500))

Now, I want to use the values in each list. when I do (car list), It give me (1500) - list, but I want the value 1500 (int).

How can I do it?

Thank u!

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> (apply append '((1500) (2500) (3500)))
(1500 2500 3500)
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You need the car of the list containing 1500, which will be the value.

Something like:

(car (car '((1500)(2500)(3500))))

This suffices for the first value. There are other ways to go about it to get all the other values, as larsman pointed out.

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caar does the same with less parens. –  larsmans Apr 19 '11 at 21:28
> (map car '((1500) (2500) (3500)))
(1500 2000 3)
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