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i have a json file that returns "date_created":"1273185387" in epoch format

i want to convert it to convert it to something like this Thu, 06 May 2010 22:36:27 GMT

any script to do this conversion?

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var myObj = $.parseJSON('{"date_created":"1273185387"}'),
    myDate = new Date(1000*myObj.date_created);



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Try the below code...

    var myDate = new Date( your epoch date *1000);
    var mytime=myDate.toGMTString()
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alert(new Date(1273185387).toUTCString());
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jQuery doesn't have anything for it, but that's okay, because JavaScript does. The Date constructor accepts a milliseconds-since-the-Epoch value, so in your case (since that looks like a seconds value) it would be:

var dt = new Date(obj.date_created * 1000);

...where obj is the result of deserializing that JSON string.

Details in Section of the specification. Alternately, the MDC page is useful.

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var data = {"date_created":"1273185387"};
var date = new Date(parseInt(data.date_created, 10) * 1000);
// example representations
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