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I have a database with zipcodes. I would like to use the Google Maps API to search zipcodes in my database that are within a 5 mile radius of a zipcode I enter.

For example, I put in 33180. I want to retrieve from my database all the zipcodes/areas close to 33180, using Google Maps API.

QUERY * FROM zipcodes WHERE zipcode=zipcodes within 5 miles of 33180 (produced by Google Maps API)

Is this possible with Google Maps API? Where can I start if so?

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You cant do this with the google maps api alone, you need some server side language to query your database.

Tutorial written by google:


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did you mean "can do it" ? –  vir Apr 20 '11 at 0:16

Just use a zipcode database (like this free zipcode database) which has geocoded all zips in the US. Then, just write a query that does the simple lat/lng distance calculation and returns the top N results. This will run much much faster than using Google's API, and you won't have to worry about daily API limits.

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