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I use the following code for two links: and, they do the same thing, except each one specifies whether the vote is up or down.

$('').click(function() {

    var id = $(this).siblings('.reply-id').val();
    var ajax_auth_token = $('#auth_token').val();
    var c_button = this;

    $.post('user/?action=ajax', {
        vote_type: 'down',
        reply_id: id,
        auth_token: ajax_auth_token
    }, function(data, return_status) {   //return status is just if ajax works or not

        var json_data = jQuery.parseJSON(data);

           case "success": 
              output = "Yay it works!"; // change 
              $(c_button).siblings('').addClass('vote-up-1').removeClass('vote-up-0'); // ** TODO: this needs to be repeated for all cases below**

           case "no_vote":
              output = "You've run  out of negative votes.";

           case "vote_limit":
              output = "You can vote anymore today. Limit is 25 per day.";

           case "login": 
              output= "You need to login before you can vote.";

           case "own":
              output = "You cannot vote on your own comment.";


           case "already":
              output ="You have already voted on this.";

           case "session":
              output = "Your login session has expired, please login again.";



This reads the response send back via Json and gives a different alert for each case.

Is there an easier way of doing this? How could this be re-factored?

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You could try changing the class of your a tags from

<a class="vote-up-0"> 


<a class="vote-0 up">

you could then refactor the two functions as:

$('').click(function() {
    var voteType =  $(this).is('.up') ? 'up' : 'down';

    ... snip ...

    $.post('user/?action=ajax', {
        vote_type: voteType,
        reply_id: id,
        auth_token: ajax_auth_token

The code for case success then simply becomes:

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