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I created my first WCF service application that will run on IIS 7

The binding that i used is wshttpBinding.

Now, i wrote also client using Silverlight - and i can't create reference on the client that will be point on the WCF service because of the certificate issue.

How can i create server certificate for wcf service ?

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The problem is not in the certificate (btw. default wsHttpBinding configuration don't need any certificate because it uses Windows authentication). The problem is in selected binding. Silverlight does not support wsHttpBinding so you will not be able to call the service anyway. Use basicHttpBinding instead.

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But in this way - how can i control on witch client will use the service ? i want to give the ability to use the service only client ( silverlight in this case ) that have the right user name + password - –  Yanshof Apr 21 '11 at 22:22

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