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I have an eclipse feature which essentially depends upon the Eclipse for Javascript Web Developers platform (it depends upon many plugins in there). However, one set of plugins causes a conflict with my feature's plugins: jsdt.debug.*

So, the question is, when a user installs / runs this feature, is there a way I can disable the 4 jsdt.debug plugins which cause this conflict?

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Why don't delete those plugins if you dont want to use them, or you can even uninstall them from Help->Software Updates and go to installed plugins and select uninstall.

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Sorry to be clear this is from a Eclipse Plugin Development perspective, not a Eclipse Plugin User perspective. I am developing the feature ... and I want to add an installation task to the feature, which disables the jsdt.debug plugins, if they are present. This probably isn't possible ... a plugin / feature likely does not have control over plugins outside of it. –  wildabeast Apr 20 '11 at 22:50

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