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So, fiddling with the EasyGrep.vim plugin, trying to get it into a state that suits me. I am using it for recursive searching of a Rails project. Ive almost got it how I want it, this is an example of the grep command my modified EasyGrep executes:

:grep -R -i  --include=*.rb --include=*.rbw --include=*.gem --include=*.gemspec --include=[rR]akefile --include=*.erb --include=*.rhtml SEARCH_WORD .

Which finds the word under the cursor, and opens the search results in quicklist.

Only problem is, :grep seems to automatically open the file containing the first match into the current buffer, which I do not want it to do, because then I lose the file I was just looking at.

Anyone know how I can prevent this behavior? Or, at least a hacky workaround that reopens the file I was searching from?

:vimgrep is not an option - its far too slow.

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From :help :grep:

Just like ":make", but use 'grepprg' instead of 'makeprg' and 'grepformat' instead of 'errorformat'.

From :help :make:

If [!] is not given the first error is jumped to.

So: :grep!

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As for "a hacky workaround" (that is not necessary here but may still be of use to you), :help CTRL-^ – Rein Henrichs Apr 19 '11 at 23:29
legend! I thought id tried that already(;grep!), but apparently something else was up then, because now it works! – dalyons Apr 20 '11 at 5:16
I'd suggest not pasting in vim help text. That first blurb is a perfect example of how unhelpful it can be. Defining grep in terms of make doesn't help someone if they don't know how make works. :grep! would be a simple enough and complete answer. Though I have to agree with the OP that it's a bit wonky. Sometimes just plain :grep doesn't open the first error. Oh, and it's SUPER confusing that they're called "errors" instead of "matches". – Milimetric Oct 25 '12 at 13:55
I agree with @Milimetric; that first line is more confusing than helpful. – kikito Apr 4 '15 at 13:01

Add this to your .vimrc:

    let g:EasyGrepOpenWindowOnMatch=0

EasyGrep has many options that can control how it behave. Type :GrepOptions for a listing of all of these.

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