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I want to change the gitignore, but not everyone on the team wants these changes. How can a user have their own specific git ignore file?

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For user-specific and repo-specific file ignoring you should populate the following file:


Usually $GIT_DIR stands for:


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You can create your own .gitignore using

git config --global core.excludesfile $HOME/.gitignore

Then put your desired entries in that file.

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If you don't want it to be global, you can put your .user_gitignore file under repo's .git directory and add it with git config core.excludesfile .git/.user_gitignore –  orad Jan 28 at 20:36
Pro-tip from Tim Pope: use ~/.cvsignore because utilities like rsync will use this file as well. –  Peter Rincker Mar 6 at 17:57

In their .gitconfig:

    excludesfile = ~/.global_gitignore

That way, they can ignore certain types of files globally. Each user can have their own global ignore file.

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