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I want to allow my users to "bulk export" an archive of selected resources, i.e., http://.../resource/1, resource/2, resource/4, ... ,

My thought was "render the HTML of each page to a string and use java.util.zip to create a multifile archive."

My problem then became "how to get the HTML of a page so that I can loop over them?"

I cannot figure out a way to get a JstlView to render to a String, nor can I see a way to set the ServletOutputStream to be a ZipOutputStream.

My last thought is to actually GET the HTML of each of the resources via HTTP. I imagine that will be easy enough to code, but it seems pretty byzantine. Is there a better way? (Perhaps something with RequestDispatcher.forward()? )

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Use a SwallowingHttpServletResponse from DWR (or a PageResponseWrapper from Sitemesh) as a parameter to RequestDispatcher.include() and then get the output from that response object.

See my response (no pun intended) to this question.

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I used the SwallongHttpServletResponse -- easy as pie. –  Larry OBrien Apr 20 '11 at 18:38

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