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How can i merge all the behaviors in one entity?

for example an entity wandering for a limited time or distance then change its behavior to arrive.... I'm debugging it for weeks but suddenly i failed :( can someone help me fix my issue? :)

here's a link for the source code :) i've downloaded it on the net itself - SourceCode

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You need to be more specific in what you need. Most people won't take the time to go look at your source code and figure it out. – user565869 Apr 20 '11 at 2:34
Please try to write an sscce compliant question (see It helps you narrow down your issue, makes it easier for us to help you and it could even make you realize where you've made a mistake, thus answering your own question. It's always good to try and isolate your problem! – Lirik Apr 20 '11 at 5:57

I'd suggest reviewing and studying the original paper by Craig Reynolds which describes the steering behaviors, and how to "merge" them. It includes reference to an open source C++ implementation called OpenSteer:

Specifically, I assume that you are referring to the Flocking behaviors, which combine: Separation, Alignment, and Cohesion.

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