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I'm new to Excel ribbon customization. What is the most straight forward way to store ribbon customization inside a workbook, so that when the workbook is closed the customization disappears without a trace?

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To change the ribbon with a workbook, you need to change the XML file "inside" the xlsx file (which is nothing more but a .zip).

Everything is very well explained here: http://www.rondebruin.nl/ribbon.htm

Please let us know if that does not answer your question.

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That's pretty good explanation. I also found this page. –  ThomasMcLeod Jun 16 '11 at 6:26

The most straighforward way is to rightclick on the ribbon & choose customise ribbon then look on the lower right of the box that opens choose reset and then confirm.

PS You can also create CustomUI Ribbons in excel by recycling your old excel toolbars!

I must have read 500 pages on customisation and never seen the below gold anywhere. This method also lets you add a customUI Ribbon NOT LINKED TO or embedded in a workbook. :-)

Undocumented feature follows: Just open an old excel12.xlb from excel 2007 in excel pro 2010 and a shiny new ribbon tab all ready to go will appear. I have also previously created these in excel 2007 from an old 2003 excel(X?).xlb which I have been using all the way from excel5 if memory serves correctly.

It was not linked to an xls so was viewable even if no sheets were open. (not just hidden but actually none open or viewable in VBIDE). Nothing in the addins list either.

I exported this customisation using excels utility. The beauty of this is it makes it very easy to edit the macro paths etc as I was able to edit the names of macros etc by draging the Excel Customizations.exportedUI into notepad. Imported back into excel using the utility.

The code inside can be used as part of a standard customisation using rels etc. So if you want to add it to a workbook go right ahead only I put a lot of general utilities in mine.

Here are some snips of my screen to back it up: (click for full image)

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