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My old system involved using Microsoft FrontPage and a frame page. The top frame contained a (tree) list of the tasks and sub-tasks I'd need to do, while the bottom frame contained any useful project information, notes, etc. I'd invariably need to jot down. I used bookmarks in the page to mark major tasks while highlighting current tasks with bold and marking off finished ones with italic. I would use a third frame for navigating between bookmarks via. a Table of Contents of hyperlinks linking to them. It was pretty clumsy, but it worked nicely.

Obviously, I want to upgrade now. Any good ideas on how to get a new system in place that can do something similar to my old one (without the crudeness/clumsiness)? That is, a formal piece of software for that purpose?

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ToDoList is pretty good. Cons: Windows-only.

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Interesting. Let's see if this does what I need... – Daddy Warbox Feb 21 '09 at 7:42
It's good, but I'm having trouble making effective use of it. – Daddy Warbox Feb 24 '09 at 2:14

We use FogBugz, and it's worked out brilliantly for us. Far better than JIRA, easy to use, friendly, powerful. Highly recommend it.

  • It has a built-in wiki for notes. (Really easy to use!)

  • It has a bug tracking system that is second to none.

  • You can even make your software submit its error reports to FogBugz, and it will automatically generate a case with relevant information in it. This feature is called Scout.

  • You can create releases and all file cases, features, bugs, whatever by release, priority, etc. the power is all there.

  • And best of all, you can host it on your own server or have them host it for you. Nifty system.

  • Works on just about any OS and browser.

  • Unlike most web applications, it's snappy!

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It should be mentioned that it's not free. – Frank Feb 21 '09 at 13:56
@dehmann - they offer a "Student and Startup" edition that is free for 2 users – rjohnston Mar 29 '10 at 4:16

We are using Jira for task lists, version planning and time management. And Google sites for internal documentation and related things. In general most Wiki system will be good for the documentation and todo (e.g. Confluence).

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TFS : Team Foundation System

Full source control & work item tracking all integrated with Visual Studio.

If you use Visual Studio, and work in a windows environment, I recommend this. If you don't use Visual Studio I recommend you do ;)

You can also setup project portals etc. that display activity, reports, all that jazz.

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Basecamp from 37signals is a great tool to keep track of your tasks and projects.

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I use fogbugz s&s edition

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I think that an Issue Tracking System may suite your needs, there are plenty alternatives from OpenSource to Commercial...

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You can setup and use ASP.NET Time Tracker Starter Kit. It also allows you to extend it.

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