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In Rails 2 generators, it's possible to pass data to the template in the following manner:

  :assigns => { :id => id, :name => name }

In Rails 3, it looks like template is the new method. Unfortunately, it looks like the third parameter, config, only accepts a :verbose option. Attempting to pass values via :assigns doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone know how I can pass dynamic value to my Rails 3 template?

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Example of passing parameters to views in Rails 3.

# ...
actions.each do |action|
  @action = action
  @path = File.join(base_path, filename_with_extensions(action))
  template filename_with_extensions(:view), @path


<h1><%= class_name %>#<%= @action %></h1>
<p>Find me in <%= @path %></p>
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Nice! Can the actions be passed in at the standard rails scaffold generation command line? – timeon Feb 17 '14 at 22:54

Rails 3 templates have access to any methods within the generator, so in your above case, if your generator had a method name and a method id, you wouldn't have to change anything in your template. Check out the RailsCast for creating generators in Rails 3 at

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Well, I had an each loop that had a variable that needed to be passed to the template to generate the same template with multiple names. What I did to work around this was to define the iterated value in a global scope (via the @ symbol, not sure what this is called), then created a method in the generator that just returned this value. This method could be accessed by the template. – Matt Huggins Apr 30 '11 at 20:01

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