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I am new to developing a plugin for Wordpress . I read some code on codex for developing Administration menus . Basically

  1. I used a admin_menu hook.
  2. Then I added a top level menu by using add_menu_page.
  3. Then a submenu to the top level menu by using add_submenu_page.
  4. So what we are doing is interacting with admin_menu hook function to add functionality before the admin panel is loaded .
  5. I got the function add_menu_page and add_submenu_page from Codex but I want to know which other functions I can use for adding more functionality to this particular hook.
  6. I am searching for reference to functions that i can use with any particular hooks to create a plugin.
  7. I find this the approach that I should use , is there and other approach that anyone can advise .
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