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Is the following where clause correct or not in Oracle? because it is not updating the table value:

update tableOne set Id_num=1 where name='shweta';
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i just added new row to the table and able to update the values . but for the few old records , it is not updating the value –  Baali Apr 20 '11 at 6:55

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Are the other rows possibly blank padded? If they are, you wouldn't necessarily notice just by looking at the data.

You could try:

update tableOne set Id_num=1 where rtrim(name) ='shweta';


update tableOne set Id_num=1 where trim(trailing from name) ='shweta';

This assumes that is padded by spaces, there may be other whitespace characters that are causing the problem.... or it could be something else entirely.

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Syntax is correct. But Oracle is case sensitive perhaps you have to use

update tableOne set Id_num=1 where upper(name)='SHWETA';

And if you are verifing your update by a second application, don't forget to use the

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It is correct. Are you getting any errors? Can you do a select for the same where clause?

SELECT * FROM tableOne WHERE NAME='shweta';
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