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I'm developing an applet and I've recently added a MANIFEST file to it for version information.

My original intent was to see the version of the applet shown in the Java Applet Cache Viewer...

Java Control Panel -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings... -> View Applets...

But in the cache viewer, it doesn't show the version number. What I'm doing wrong?

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The Java Applet Cache Viewer was not designed for that. If you wish to display the information in your own applet at user request, pop a JOptionPane with the following information.

Package pckg = this.getClass().getPackage();
String title = pckg.getImplementationTitle();
String vendor = pckg.getImplementationVendor();
String version = pckg.getImplementationVersion();

Note that the manifest information is available on a per package basis, while a Jar might contain several applets and many packages.

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