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In this code, the subKeys has some values which is extract from cookie, the message prompt cval: 3 but I could not push store each subKeys values into stack array which is the stack is always empty.

var stack = new Array();
var temp = document.cookie;

//alert("cookie: "+temp);
function upSelect() {
    temp = temp.replace("tutorSelect=","");
    for(var i=0;i<subKeys.length;i++) {
        alert("cval: "+subKeys.length);
        //push to stack?
        alert("stack: ",stack.length);
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Sometimes it's the smallest things that bother most. It's the way you try to alert the stack length: instead if alert("stack: ",stack.length); (result will be: 'stack: '), use: alert("stack: "+stack.length); or alert(["stack: ",stack.length].join('')), or rewrite alert so it can receive multiple arguments:

window._alert = alert;
window.alert = function(){
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ok great that solve it, it's a programming error with actionscript. –  james lee Apr 20 '11 at 8:09

Assuming that temp has anything in it, that code will successfully push onto stack. But I think your alert may be messed up:

alert("stack: ",stack.length);
//             ^--- here

You probably wanted a + there, alert only takes a single argument.

Examples (I started with temp = "one,two,three" in case you have no cookies for jsbin.com):

Your version (shows stack: but no length)

Working version (shows stack: 1, then stack: 2, then stack: 3)

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