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Hallo, I have a table which have the following item:

---- ---------
APP  08-APR-11
REJ  null
CAN  null

If I have to filter it by date, lets say for this month, 1-APR-2011 to 30-APR-2011. The output of the query will be like following:

---- ---------
APP  08-APR-11

Is it possible for me to select query result that could include null value just like the table locate at the top most of this question?

THanks @!

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I think you require "IS NULL", for example, add this to your filter:

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SELECT code,
  FROM tableName
 WHERE update_dt BETWEEN <your current filter dates>
    OR update_dt IS NULL
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add OR UPDATE_DT IS NULL at the end of you where clause

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You need to bracket your where statement to apply the OR

WHERE (update_dt between [dates] or update_dt IS NULL)

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