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Hi i have a grid and i have two stores and i want to display both the store data in the same grid is there a way to do please

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dou you mean you have 2 store with same structure ?? it's a waste thing. assuming U use Extjs 3.*.* take look at this :…. this show you how to add new record.. – Warung Nasi 49 Apr 20 '11 at 10:13
Definitely curious why you are using two stores. – Keylan Apr 20 '11 at 16:54

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You can't (without some gnarly hacking) show two stores in a grid.

What you can do is make a third store which listens to two child stores for add/datachanged/update/remove events. Take a look here for what you'll need to support.

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For example, the first data col comes from Store 1 and the data from Store 2 forms cols 2 and 3. You can use a renderer that finds the data in the second store if the 'other' columns are just 'lookup' data, e.g.:

var store1 = new{
    fields: ['field1', 'field2']

var store2 = new{
    id: 'field2',
    fields: ['field2', 'fieldA', 'fieldB']

var renderA = function(value) {
    var rec = store2.getById(value);
    return rec ? rec.get('fieldA') : '';
var renderB = function(value) {
    var rec = store2.getById(value);
    return rec ? rec.get('fieldB') : '';

var columns = [
    {header: 'Field 1', dataIndex: 'field1'},
    {header: 'Field A', dataIndex: 'field2', renderer: renderA},
    {header: 'Field B', dataIndex: 'field2', renderer: renderB}
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The more renderers you use, the slower things will render as it's doing quite a lot, think how many renderers you have then.... 10 columns, 100 rows... 10 X 100 = 1,000 renderers.

Think how to fix your problem then to deal with what you have.

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