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We have the need for a tool for importing XML (and possibly CSV and/or JSON if they are available) into our MySQL database. Most of the formats are proprietary, from APIs from a number of sources (actually hundreds), with some data included in some, but not in others.

We need to use a datamapping tool to map incoming items per feed (let's call them products, for simplicity's sake) to our database tables with aggregated data, which can be run periodically with a cron job. For each product, we extract a category, which we add with a relation to each products (using three tables: products, categories and product_categories for the many-to-many relation). Any data that does not get added to these tables should go in a meta table for products (products_meta) which is a key-value table for products (each product can have many meta data entries)

It can be a tool running on Linux, or a third-party tool that would work as a middle tier for converting data for insertion.

Ease of use and speed of mapping are key features we're looking for. I'd be very happy if there was a PHP tool I could install on the server, but we're open for all kinds of open source platforms or third party tools.

UPDATE: I'm aware that there are ORM tools like Doctrine and Propel, but I don't know of any tools that provide a UI that makes it fast and easy to map XML data to MySQL tables.

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Handling CSV is quite simple:


you can iterate through field rows, split them into array then handle fields individually. Define your class for the format.

For file uploads you can use Filestore: http://agiletoolkit.org/doc/filestore, which can be nicely integrated.

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