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I've been using Madexcept for quite some time now and it work fine so far. I just noticed though that when I run my application under Windows 7 and an exception occurs, no bugreport.txt is being created. Usually Madexcept saves the bugreport in the programm directory. Under Windows 7 the software should not have the right to do this, that might be the reason why there is not bugreport being created. But I cannot find out how to change the location for the bugreport.

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To change the location use:

uses madExcept;
// ...
 MESettings.BugReportFile := m_szLogPathName;

You can do this in your FormCreate and then any logs will be put where you want. Me, I choose the My Documents location.

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awesome! Finally I know how to change the location –  Michael Küller Apr 20 '11 at 14:36

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