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I need an image grabber. By that I mean a Digg like image grabber that can search other pages (including youtube, normal websites, economist,...whatever), get the images that are of decent sizes and if I select it, I can upload it to my server.

Does anyone know of a plugin for this?


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I don't know about any off-the-shelf library. But I once needed a quick way to retrieve the "main image" off a page. My best guess was to just get the largest in file size. I was using the PHP SimpleHTMLDom library for easy access to the site's <img> tags.

Now, here's the main part of the code, that returns the URL of the biggest image file for a given page.

Hope you can build on that.

// Load the remote document
$html = file_get_html($url);


// Go through all images of that page
foreach($html->find('img') as $element){
    // Helper function to make absolute URLs from relative
    // Try to get image file size info from header:
    $header=array_change_key_case(get_headers($img_url, 1));
    // Only continue if "200 OK" directly or after first redirect:
    if($header[0]=='HTTP/1.1 200 OK' || @$header[1]=='HTTP/1.1 200 OK'){
            // If we were redirected, the second entry is the one.
            // See http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.filesize.php#84130
            // If no content-length-header is sent, we need to download the image to check the size
            $content = file_get_contents($img_url);
            $handle = fopen(TMP.$tmp_filename, "w");
            fwrite($handle, $content);
return $largest_file_url;
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I'll have a look at it. Thanks. –  denislexic Apr 20 '11 at 10:42

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