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I need to transfer files from an iPad in "Airplane Mode" (such that neither Bluetooth, nor WLAN nor GSM are available) to a laptop/desktop running Windows or MacOS.

I hope to implement this as an alternative to iTunes file sharing for iPad developers, specifically those in the Enterprise Program (so no App Store concerns over the use of dodgy techniques or private APIs).

I know that there exist file browsers for jailbroken phones, but other than jailbreaking, is there any viable way to transfer files from within an app?

I would even consider "bizarre" solutions that go through the camera adapter.

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[Update] In principle it is possible to build the needed hardware/software by signing up for an Apple program called MFi ("Made for i*").

Although I have not yet found a hardware/library which allows arbitrary data transfers out of the box, there is a solution for a similar problem: A company named RedPark offers a cable which accesses RS232 devices through the Dock Connector. This solution can be combined with a USB to RS232 adapter which then allows data exchange.

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