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I want to compile a code that I have from long time ago using VS express 2005. The code needs windows.h which is not part of VS 2005 and I found that I need to install platform SDK. But I cannot find platform SDK for windows XP. Where can I download this platform SDK? Where can I find windows.h?

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have a look

or download directly as iso from cnet

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+1 for finding the right version, but I still might use the latest (it supports VS2005) –  Rup Apr 20 '11 at 11:39

You don't need to find the SDK for Windows XP. Each release of the Windows SDK targets the latest version of Windows, as well as several previous versions. You should always install the latest version of the SDK unless you are targeting an extremely old version of the OS. At this point, Windows XP doesn't quite count (yet).

All you need to do is make sure that you set the appropriate target version when compiling your project. To target Windows XP, you should simply define WINVER to version 0x0501, like so:

#define WINVER 0x0501

You can find more information about targeting specific versions of Windows using the headers here.

And you can download the latest SDK here:

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Visual Studio Express - all versions including 2005 - install the necessary platform SDK files to build windows targets.

You have somehow damaged the install if projects made by the project wizard (that #include <windows.h>) do not work.

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I'm pretty sure the 2005 Express edition doesn't include the Platform SDK; I specifically remember having to hunt it down and install it separately way back when (e.g. Seems like they integrated the Platform SDK in the 2008 Express editions, though. –  Luke Apr 21 '11 at 1:47

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