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The taglib provided by the Grails bean fields plugin uses a naming convention to determine the label key that should be used for each <input> element it generates. I would like to change the details of this convention without changing the plugin's source code directly.

The approach I'm considering is to create my own tag lib

class MyBeanTagLib {

  static namespace = 'mybean'

  private void setLabelKey (attrs) {

    if (!attrs.labelKey) {

      // in reality calculation of the default key is a bit more complicated :)
      attrs.labelKey = 'my.default.key'
    return attrs

  // renders a combo box
  def select = { attrs ->
     attrs = setLabelKey(attrs)

     // Now call the bean-fields select tag, passing along attrs     

  // renders a datePicker
  def date = { attrs -
     attrs = setLabelKey(attrs)

     // Now call the bean-fields date tag, passing along attrs     

My first question is how to invoke the tag I'm trying to decorate. In other words, what code should replace the comment

// Now call the bean-fields...

I could do this:

new BeanTagLib().select(attrs)

But I doubt this is the correct way to invoke one taglib from another.

Secondly, is there a more elegant way to decorate a taglib than this? In reality there are a lot more tags than just select and date that I need to decorate and the code in each decorating tag will be almost identical. I'd like to eliminate this duplication if possible?

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  1. Invoke other taglibs' tags by their namespace, like g.link([controller: 'one'], { 'link text' }), or bean.select(attrs).

  2. You can try writing getProperty in your taglib and return proper closures - I'm not sure.

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