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Is it possible to customize /oauth/user/authorize path in OAuth for Spring Security?

The path is configured in class, but I can't find a way to define custom filter or to change this path in other way.

I'm using OAuth2 protocol and version 1.0.0.M3 of OAuth for Spring Security.

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You have to use a well-known hack to customize bean properties not exposed in namespace configuration - the BeanPostProcessor:

public class VerificationCodeFilterBeanPostProcessor implements BeanPostProcessor {

   private final String filterProcessesUrl = "/your/path/here";

   public final Object postProcessAfterInitialization(final Object bean, final String beanName) {
        return bean;

   public final Object postProcessBeforeInitialization(final Object bean, final String beanName) {
        if (bean instanceof VerificationCodeFilter) {
            final VerificationCodeFilter filter = (VerificationCodeFilter) bean;
        return bean;
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