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Is it possible to bind the uri in the code below to a static resource? I have the urls defined in a resource file and wanted to bind to that rather than hardcoding the values here.

<navcore:UriMapper x:Key="uriMapper" >
            <navcore:UriMapping Uri="Home" MappedUri="/Home.xaml" />

I tried to declare a static resource and bind to it like in the example below but it failed


        <local:URLContainer x:Key="URLContainer" />

        <navcore:UriMapper x:Key="uriMapper" >
            <navcore:UriMapping Uri="Home" MappedUri="{Binding Source={StaticResource URLContainer}, Path=HomeUrl}" />


Error that i get when i enable CLR exceptions is:

Object of type 'System.Windows.Data.Binding' cannot be converted to type 'System.Uri'.

I have made the resource file constructor public and set the access level to public too.

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MappedUri is not a Dependency Property, thus it can't be set through DataBinding.

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