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hey all i am trying to write a facebook app using as3 and the facebook-actionscipt graph api library

i am having trouble getting a user's friends list, while i have no problem getting a user's other data (favorite movies, for example)

this is strange since getting a user's friends list is the only thing that is available to anyone on facebook:

this function returns an array of movies succesfully:

function loadMovies() {
 Facebook.api('/' + userID + '/movies',onLoadedMovies);

function onLoadedMovies(response:Object, fail:Object):void {
 (response) ? movies = response : trace(fail);

while this one returns an IOerror in the fail (response=null):

function loadFriends() {
 Facebook.api('/' + userID + '/friends',onLoadedFriends);

function onLoadedFriends(response:Object, fail:Object):void {
 (response) ? friends = response : trace(fail);

please note that userID is one of the app-user's friends, not the app-user himself

any ideas why this is happening?

thanx Saar


ok after doing some more searching i find that getting friends-of-friends with any api is impossible

this is very interesting - you can access friends-of-friends manually as a facebook user, but not automatically

this means it is not a privacy issue at all - it is something Facebook wants to keep for itself only - for the "People You May Know" section in the facebook page

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You can't get the friends of friends, that would require an accesstoken of the friend :) So there is actually no way you can get the friends of a friend of your user :)

to get the accesstoken of your user, you can use this:

var _params:Object = new Object();

_params.access_token = Facebook.getSession().accessToken;

Facebook.api("/" + _userID + "/friends", messagePosted, _params, "POST");

but this will normally not grant you access to the friends' friends.

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