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I would like to be able to programmatically control the word completion list for a particular textbox in my windows mobile application. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how would this be done?

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You can turn these elements on and off with a p/invoke call. See below:

public static class InputContext
    private enum SHIC_FEATURE : uint
        AUTOCORRECT = 1,
        AUTOSUGGEST = 2,
        HAVETRAILER = 3,
        CLASS = 4

    private static extern int SHSetInputContext(IntPtr hwnd, SHIC_FEATURE dwFeature, ref bool lpValue);

    public static void SetAutoSuggestion(IntPtr handle, bool enable)
        SHSetInputContext(handle, SHIC_FEATURE.AUTOSUGGEST, ref enable);

You can then define what controls you want to control the functionality with by passing the handle:

InputContext.SetAutoSuggestion(txtBxInput.Handle, false);
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