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I have updated android sdk upto for Android 2.2 api level 8. After that I was trying to install apk through adb shell as "adb install" but it was not installing and displays "adb server is out of date. killing..." when I did "adb devices" it was not showing devices. why is that. Please let me know.

Thanks, Vishakha.

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Have you seen this solution, maybe related with your problem –  Aditya Kresna Permana Nov 15 '14 at 16:55

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I faced the same issue when I tried to launch my first app today. And I found the solution. By the way, I was using Windows7. But I think on Linux, the issue may be similar.

  1. found the port that adb required is 5037 D:\Installs\adt\sdk\platform-tools>adb nodaemon server cannot bind 'tcp:5037'

  2. check which process in on 5037
    D:\Installs\adt\sdk\platform-tools>netstat -ano|findstr "5037" TCP LISTENING 3908 TCP ESTABLISHED 3908 TCP ESTABLISHED 10728

  3. kill the process 3908

Then start your adb. it should work for you now.

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After adb is killed, did you run 'adb start-server'?

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I also had this problem today, turns out I disabled my network drivers because I had WIFI/LAN issues. re-enabling fixed the issue

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