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I have a task that needs to accept msgs (normal strings) at the frontend, do some processing and convert those msgs to http requests that need to be sent to a backend server. So there are essentially two endpoints - frontend is a normal BSD socket. Backend is a urllib.HTTPconnection. Responses go the reverse way. However, this is not a request-response scenario. I could have a completely out of order req1->req2->resp2->req4->req3->resp3->resp1 ... type of asynchronous scenario. So I can't just do a:

msg = socketFrontEnd.recv()
... process msg and make 'Request' 
resp, content = httpBackEnd.request("", "PUT", body=Request)   
... process resp and make 'Response'

I need something more like a polling mechanism:

   readysockets = select(SocketFrontEnd, httpBackEnd)

   if readysockets has SocketFrontEnd:
       msg = socketFrontEnd.recv()
       process and send request to httpBackEnd(...)

   if readysockets has httpBackEnd:
       resp = httpBackEnd(...)
       process and send response to socketFrontEnd()

However, to the best of my knowledge I can't put a http connection in some kind of a select statement. Even if that were possible, how do you separately send and receive from a httpconnection (instead of using the single "http.request(..)" command).

What if I send some ajax request on the httpconnection, will that callback in ajax request be run if I'm blocked on socketFrontEnd ? That is, can we do something like:

    msg = socketFrontEnd.recv() <-- blocked
    ... process and make 'Request'
    ajax('callback_function', Request, '')

    ... process and make Response
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AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, I'm pretty sure that's not what you want. Perhaps you just meant "asynchronous HTTP request"? – Aleksi Torhamo Apr 20 '11 at 12:44

Isn't the asyncore module of Python suitable for your problem? Or a framework like Twisted?

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I hear twisted can be quite a handful to learn - so if that's the only option left, I will have to do it. I don't know about asyncore. I will look it up (still a python beginner here) .. tried following the example of HTTPclient on but its implications hasn't sunk in yet. Will try again. – G.A. Apr 20 '11 at 17:36

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