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How to change the height of panel at runtime?

I have some panels inside a JFrame, I tried on one of them:

int w = panel.getWidth();
panel.setSize(w, 1000);

But there's no effect. What's wrong?

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Probably, you should rerender something, or the size of the panel is restrained by the size of one of the components the panel lives in. Can you show the rest of the code? –  Fortega Apr 20 '11 at 12:46

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Check out this answer:

set size wont work in java

"In Swing, you have two options for layout: do everything manually or let a LayoutManager handle it for you."


"Try calling setPreferredSize() and setMinimumSize()."

If you are using a layout manager (you probably are), the layout decides what to do with the contained components. setPreferredSize() usually works because the layout usually asks the contained components what their preferred sizes are, and then arranges the components based on (among others) that information.

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You may have to validate and repaint your panel. Try following:

int x=panel.getWidth();
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invalidate would be safer unless the code is being guaranteed to be executed by the event dispatch thread –  vickirk Apr 20 '11 at 12:53

If you put the panel in a LayoutManager (i.e. the parent has a LayoutManager which is BorderLayout by default) that LayoutManager would override the size and thus your call would have no effect.

Try to call setLayoutManager(null) on the parent although I'd recommend using a LayoutManager and use setPreferredSize(), setMinimumSize() and setMaximumSize().

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