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I am learning Java EE 6 but wants my Entities in scala and am also using netbeans. I created a scala class library but I cannot use javax.persistence._ even if I add the eclipselink library I can't import it. NB: I've tried eclipse but always having problems especially with glassfish thus I want to use netbeans and have java web project depend on the scala class library. I also like vim and netbeans have a perfect plugin for that. Not dishing eclipse but I am always suffering when I tried to use eclipse with Java EE 6 compared to netbeans.

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It sounds like the JPA API Jar isnt on the classpath. Could that be? – Ant Kutschera Jan 26 '12 at 21:37

You can use Maven to configure your dependencies for JavaEE and your specific JPA provider, for example:





  • To use javax.persistence classes, you need javax.persistence dependency.
  • Im using Java EE 7 but in your case, change "7.0" to "6.0"
  • Toplink is my JPA provider (you can use EclipseLink, Hibernate, ...), for example:

Or another provider at this link: JPA provider

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