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I've got a GitHub repo that is forked from developer X's repo. Another developer, Y, is developing some interesting stuff in his fork, independently of mine and in his master branch.

I'd like to get Y's master in my repo, but in a separate branch, which I might later merge into my master. What command or .git/config stanzas do that?

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First, you should add a "remote" for the developer Y's repository:

 git remote add developerY git://whatever

Then you should fetch all the branches from that repository as remote-tracking branches:

 git fetch developerY

(Now if you run git branch -a you should see that the remote-tracking branch developerY/master has been created.)

To create a local branch based on developer Y's master, you would do:

 git checkout -b masterY developerY/master

You can then work on the masterY branch, and when you're ready to merge it, just do:

 git checkout master
 git merge masterY
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I changed the git add to git remote add and it worked. Thanks! –  larsmans Apr 20 '11 at 13:54
@larsmans: oops - I've corrected that now. –  Mark Longair Apr 20 '11 at 13:55

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