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Let me rephrase the question:

Is it vital for the /*! */ lines, in the SQL file below, to exist when inserting data using individual INSERT statements?

This is the contents of the file now:

LOCK TABLES `adv_links` WRITE;
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `adv_links` DISABLE KEYS */;
INSERT INTO `adv_links` VALUES (13,'photoreal','','',14,'something','something, something',64,0,1,1,'',0,'',1277754393,1277754393,0,0,0,'',0,0,0,'');
INSERT INTO `adv_links` VALUES (4,'something cirocco', 'ttp://ww.roccoh.t/','',16,'something.','',86,0,1,1,'',0,'achille',1259843781,1259843781,2714,0,0,'',0,0,0,'');
INSERT INTO `adv_links` VALUES (5,'somethingasco','htp://w.vsco.b/ge/gtpage.asp?i=0','',16,'somethingsco','sco',113,0,1,1,'',0,'achille',1259843935,1259843935,2714,0,0,'',0,0,0,'');
INSERT INTO `adv_links` VALUES (6,'something','http://w.ja.b/Default.aspx','',16,'somethingaga','',62,0,1,1,'',0,'achille',1259848860,1259848860,2714,0,0,'',0,0,0,'');
INSERT INTO `adv_links` VALUES (7,'something','htp://','',16,'','',90,0,1,1,'',0,'achille',1259848962,1259848962,2714,0,0,'',0,0,0,'');
-- omitted
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `adv_links` ENABLE KEYS */;

I am asking this because when reaching the /*!40000 ALTER TABLE adv_link ENABLE KEYS */; line, MySQL goes and repairs the index by sort and it can't find enough space since the dataset is large enough to choke in the tmpdir while sorting.

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If you don't disable and re-enable your keys, the keys will update dynamically with each INSERT statement (as they normally do).

This does not require writes to tmpdir, but is more slow.

You may drop these lines if you cannot increase temporary space used by MySQL, though it will slow down your import.

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Thanks for confirming the suspicion. – petsagouris Apr 20 '11 at 14:35

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