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My company has a web site running for years. It uses form authentication and SSO authentication in global.asax. Now, I need to create a child virtual directory under this parent directory. Everything in child should be open to public. When I put child at the same level as parent, everything worked. But with this parent/child hierarchy, I always get authentication failure error. I removed all the authentication settings in web.config and IIS for the Child directory, the error was still there. What's more confusing to me is that, when I traced the parent and child global.asax, it seemed only the child global.asax got called. So I don't have any authentication setting in the child directory, its global.asax does not do anything, parent global.asax seems never get called, why do I get the 401 error? Any help is appreciated.


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have you tried adding, for the child, <allow users=*>? – sJhonny Apr 20 '11 at 14:23

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