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(I hope to explain well my question)
I like to programming in Python language to solve daily problems in system administration contexts, and I am happy for that, but lately I am learning Pharo Smalltalk becouse I am fascinating to the different approach of this language in object programming.
I like very much the idea of Smalltalk about the virtual machine and system image concept which hold the enviroment all in one file.
Does it exist anything of similar in Python?

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AFAIK, no. There isn't anything like a Smalltalk image for Python.

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thank you very much! I hoped it anyway :) –  maxim Apr 22 '11 at 10:00

If you have enough time :) you could of course use Glamour and Petitparser to build a Python development environment in Pharo.

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Actually there is nothing like smalltalk in any other kind of language. The only thing ever to get close was and still is Delphi and its open source brother Free Pascal + Lazarus but still because it tried to keep ties with C/C++ its very different as a language and environment. I love python as a language and because is extremely popular, easy, simple etc. But as soon as you leave language and libraries territory you are alone. And that pretty much convinced me that the smalltalk environment is what I wanted the most.

The only thing approaching the elegance , ease of use and power of smalltalk environment is emacs. I won't mention vim here not because is an inferior editor and certainly not because is any less extendable.Vim is awesome. But emacs like smalltalk IDE are built on top of their own languages. For smalltalk IDE its smalltalk for emacs its elisp which accounts for more than 90% of its code based , compared to VIM that depends 50% on C source code.

What emacs lack in GUIs , it gains in documentation. Emacs also has a simple architecture , everything is not an object like smalltalk but is a function and elisp even has lisp macros for you to create your own syntax. For me emacs is another great , amazing environment to work into. Emacs has pymacs which allows you to script emacs with python and gain full access to all emacs libraries but elisp is not only faster but way more elegant than python as a programming language.

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