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The C2DM documentation states that

Google limits the number of messages a sender sends in aggregate, and the number of messages a sender sends to a specific device

someone knows specifically how much Google limits that?

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I have 2 x C2DM accounts. When I asked what my limit was (for each) they stated 100,000.. That's not 100k / year ? That's 100k per day!

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Google doesn't say what their quota is; it probably changes depending on how stressed the service is.

Developers are held to a "development-only" quota, but if you apply for production status, Google will negotiate a specific quota based on how much usage you expect.

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I am not sure about the exact number of messages a sender can send to a specific device. But when it expires you will get a lot of "Error=QuotaExceeded" returns from the C2DM server.

But the moderator can increase your message limit by posting your message to the C2DM list.This will take you under one business day I belive.

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