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I am following the code from and it is working fine in Firex 4.0 but It is not working at all in IE9. I, even, cannot play the movie by pressing play button.

  <object id='MediaPlayer1' width="320" height="285" classid='CLSID:22d6f312-b ... >

  <param name='fileName' value="src.wmv">

  <param name='animationatStart' value='true'>

  <param name='transparentatStart' value='true'>

  <param name='autoStart' value="false">

  <param name='showControls' value="true">

  <param name='loop' value="true">

  <param name="wmode" value="transparent">

  <embed type='application/x-mplayer2'


    id='MediaPlayer2' name='mediaPlayer' displaysize='4' autosize='-1'

    bgcolor='darkblue' showcontrols="true" showtracker='-1'

    showdisplay='0' showstatusbar='-1' videoborder3d='-1' width="522" height="350"

    src="src.wmv" autostart="true" designtimesp='5311' loop="true" )


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This will surely have your answer :) I was going to type it out here for you, but its already here!

Embedding Windows Media Player for all browsers

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it works great but some users have reported that it doesn't play on their browsers... so there is an issue. – svirk Apr 20 '11 at 18:23

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