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Anyone know if it's possible to build a VS2003 project from the command line without showing any warnings? We've got a heap of VS2003 projects that get built by TSFBuild as part of our platform build and the warnings are just noise in the build log file.

I have looked at the parameters by running devenv.com /help and nothing there seems relevant. VS2010 has a build output verbosity setting but I couldn't find one for VS2003. I am also looking to see if it can be configured through the project file.

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Seems like you're building your projects using MSBuild. If so, you can try suppress the warnings by setting the WarningLevel property as suggested here. Or you can choose the console logger to not show the warning and error summary, then output them to seperate files as provided here:


NoSummary: Hides the error and warning summary displayed at the end of a build.


You can use up to ten file loggers by following the parameter with a digit identifying the logger. For example, to generate separate log files for warnings and errors, use - /flp1:logfile=errors.txt;errorsonly /flp2:logfile=warnings.txt;warningsonly

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Unfortunately it's a little more complicated than that. MSBuild can't natively build VS2003 solutions so we're using vs2003 command line to build the project. I don't think MSBuild knows what part of the devenv output is warnings because it's not affected by the /verbosity switch in the same way the 2010 solutions are. –  Helephant May 1 '11 at 23:12
Useful to know about being able to log different types of errors differently though. Thanks very much for that. –  Helephant May 1 '11 at 23:12

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